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Random Ramsdom - 9/12 - Redskins crowned already, Rams (ex)CB hurt again, and the replacement refs don't know the rules

Wednesday is the slow news day of the NFL week once the season begins. Teams haven't started prepping specifically for the next team yet. Injuries that weren't already updated on Monday tend to not be updated until practice starts for the week. The only news we'll really get is on the Thursday game, which is Green Bay and Chicago this week.

The most interesting part of Wednesdays to me is for the NFL betting lines. The lines for most games usually come out between Sunday late and early Monday. As the NFL betting public places wagers on the lines, they will move one way or another if the betting isn't even. The casinos generally want the money bet on each side of any single wager to be as even as possible. That allows them to take as little risk as possible, while collecting just about 9% on each wager made.

A good example this week is Chicago at Green Bay. The casinos opened the line at Green Bay -5 in most places. The casinos thought people would react to Chicago smashing Indianapolis, and to Green Bay playing very poorly against San Francisco. Instead, money has been bet heavily on Green Bay, driving the line up by an entire point already to Green Bay -6. For it to move an entire point by late Tuesday/early Wednesday, the betting must have been very one sided, and you can expect that to move to 6.5 or even 7 by game time.

Alright, enough of my debilitating gambling problems and onto the links for Wednesday!

Rams News

Jeff Fisher talks to the Post Dispatch about the 4th quarter defensive breakdown - Although he keeps himself calm, Coach Fisher was clearly upset by defenders in coverage jumping so far forward on coverage. I do like that he is willing to take the blame for the loss and not continue to focus on the clock error that screwed the Rams. Footnote on that story...Ojinnaka is officially back with the team.

BleacherReport appears ready to crown the Redskins as Super Bowl Champs - The writer of this piece clearly is trying to make himself appear to be neutral, but it doesn't work at all. He's honestly ready to call this team a contender in the NFC. I hope the Rams can make him eat his words this week.

1,000 tickets still available to the Rams home opener - I know the team hasn't been good for a long time, but I sure do hope we can sell out for the home opener for a team that just paid top dollar for a new head coach. If we can't, the Rams-to-L.A. rumors will intensify even further.

Other NFL News

Ron Bartell injured again - Story of his career...playing well, but can't sustain both the level of performance and his health. I feel bad for him, but it's clear the Rams' front office was correct to cut ties with this guy.

Aaron Rodgers crushes the replacement refs - Rodgers was quoted as saying about the replacement refs "You have to understand the rules". No one knows this better than Rams fans.

In the latest retelling of "The Neverending Story", Goodell will meet with the bountygate Saints - Can both sides agree to half the suspensions Goodell originally laid down and move on with their lives? If I have to hear more about this, I might have to smack someone.