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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: Mixed Reviews For The Rams

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The St. Louis Rams entered the annual power rankings sweepstakes with considerable bias against them. Coming off a 2-14 record and having the youngest roster in the NFL will do that, not to mention the fact that the team is still mostly ignored by the national media that makes the power rankings a thing. So where do they stand after a near-upset over the Detroit Lions in Week 1?

SB Nation has them at No. 29:

29. St. Louis Rams (LW: 28, 0-1): This was my surprise team of the year pick and, even though it was a loss, they hung with the Lions. Progress!

The numbers were the same at CBS Sports, with the Rams going from 28 to 29 this week.

That was a tough way to lose a road opener against a supposed good team. But that also shows they will compete better than many expected.

The most salient take might be that of Brian Billick. He moved the Rams up from 27 to 26 on his rankings at Fox Sports. Here's what he had to say:

The Rams gave the Lions all they could on Sunday, but it still wasn't good enough. Unfortunately for the Rams, that may be the case more often than not the remainder of the season. They simply don't have the talent offensively to compete on a weekly basis.

ESPN puts the Rams at No. 27, up one spot from the week before.

The Rams are instantly more competitive under Jeff Fisher, but offensive line depth is a serious concern.

What do you think? Fair?