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NFL Fantasy Football: Is It Too Early to Hit the Waiver Wire? Naw...


Fantasy Football 2012 took off like a shot in the is first week of the NFL season. The Sleeper heroes of the week were shocking, as always, for FF gurus and team owners alike. Kevin Ogletree started off with a bang for the Dallas Cowboys, while Stephen Hill showed some deep threat "Wow!" for the New York Jets. Robert Griffin III "out Cam'd" Cam Newton week one, but it was the throwing arm and pocket poise of the former Baylor quarterback that has Fantasy teams adding him in leagues where he wasn't already snapped up.

My own FF performance this Week #1 was "meh". In the four leagues I'm in, I won in two and lost in two. It had me sifting through the waiver wire this morning, especially for the team I had Buffalo's Fred Jackson on. He has an injury history of not coming back all that fast when he gets dinged up, and with my running back bench kind of thin, I'm searching for a replacement. I picked up C.J. Spiller for the short term, so I should be OK for Week #2 with the Bills going up against a woeful Kansas City defense at home. I grabbed Jacquizz Rodgers for a little depth after Michael Turner didn't really add all that much offensive firepower against the Chiefs on Sunday.

I'm bailing out on Cedric Benson in another league, and grabbing New Orleans slot receiver Lance Moore in any league I can find him available. He's going to be money with Colston's injury nagging at him. I'd steer clear of Saints running backs for right now, since Baron Von Brees seems to be guiding an aerial show in the Big Easy. Tennessee's Nate Washington was absolutely leveled by the Patriots' Jerod Mayo on Sunday, giving him a "minor" concussion-like headache, and bit of a bum leg to boot. While I think Nate will be good down the stretch, the return of Kenny Britt after his hand slap suspension will drive down his value for now.

I did a comparison of Yahoo's FF predictions and those of during the first week. I came away with a sense "Fire" has a great bead on sleeper picks, and non-big name players. They hit Shonne Green's number dead on, and Kevin Smith's too. Hard to judge after one week, but I'll keep tabs on the competition between Yahoo and "Fire" and let you know how each does every week.

While many will think it's too early to be making non-injury inspired moves, I say stay on top of your team each week, and cruise the waiver wire for match up values. So tally-ho, and onto Week #2!