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St. Louis Rams Fan Approval Poll


You've had a couple nights to sleep on the St. Louis Rams 27-23 loss to the Detroit Lions. As everything with the Rams it was an emotional roller coaster for the fans, but at least the ride on Sunday had some ups instead of the ceaseless downs of the past.

But there are no moral victories. No matter how much better the Rams played, no matter how much resiliency they showed late in the game with a offensive line full of replacements, they still lost.

"We lost the ball game," Jeff Fisher said. "As we told the team, I'm getting text and emails from everybody across the country saying great job. Well, what do you mean great job? We lost by four points. We put that behind us and we move on ... I think this team put forth a worthy effort, but still we lost."

The trick to it is moving on, learning from the past, but not living it. More than the score or the interceptions or anything else, they played through what could have been devastating injuries with more purpose than we've seen from this team in a long, long time.

You've had a couple days to put it all in perspective. Now, tells us how you feel about this Rams team.