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Random Ramsdom 9/11/2012: Never Forget

11 years ago, the world changed forever. 11 years ago I was 8. Let that sink in for a moment. 11 years is nothing, but for someone who's age is still followed by "teen", it's a lifetime. Every year for the last 11 years, I am able to more clearly understand what happened that day, but yet, I will never quite fully understand.

8 years olds can't and shouldn't be forced to understand something so evil, but I was, along with billions in my generation. I couldn't understand what happened, and no one could explain what happened to me. It was absolute confusion.

"Why? What is happening?" These questions were never answered that day, and in some ways, they will never be answered for me. All I know is it happened. 9/11 forever changed the world into what I know it today. It's the only world I've known.

All I know is I'll never forget September 11th, 2001. I can't tell you what I ate for lunch three days ago, but I can tell you what the weather was like 11 years ago, and I'll always remember the exact words my Mom could barely get out, "Something terrible has happened to our country."

"Something terrible", the only way what happened 11 years ago could be explained to an 8 year old.

It's seems meaningless on this day, but the links are after the jump.

Clock error in Rams game, but don't blame the replacement referees

There was a clock error Sunday that hurt the Rams. As the two minute warning neared, the clock operator did not start the game clock with the play clock as he should have. This forced the Rams to use a timeout to avoid a 5 yard delay of game penalty, instead of the clock winding down to the two minute warning, which may have cause the Lions to use a timeout to stop the clock. Many are screaming at the replacement refs for this, but Jeff Fisher reminds us, it's not their issue...

"It's a league hire, the clock operator," Fisher said. "They interact with the officials, but it's a separate entity. They're not part of the crew. This is not a replacement clock operator."

Replacement Refs here to stay, for how long?

The NFL has scheduled the replacement refs all the way through week 5. The "negotiations" between them and the actual refs are going nowhere and one has to wonder how much longer will it be until the replacement refs are simply the "refs" for this season?

Roger Saffold and Scott Wells both out

The Rams lost two offensive linemen on Sunday. Scott Wells broke his foot and was put on IR, but with the new rules, he can come back in week 8 instead of being out the whole year. Robert Turner will replace him, and he has performed well so far. Roger Saffold was carted off the field after being stabilized on a board. Many feared the worst, but luckily for him, it was only a sprained neck. It's still a severe injury, but it could have been much worse. Wayne Hunter took his place at LT Sunday. Expect that the Rams will be looking to the FA market for offensive linemen.

Rams grades in loss to the Lions

Tuesday is the last day fans should be allowed to complain or celebrate about last weeks game. Read the grade from the Post Dispatch and move on guys. Redskins and RGIII next.

GIF of the week: He can't be good at everything


Video of the week:

That's all for today. NEVER FORGET 9/11/2001