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Replacement Refs Will Not Tolerate Your Friendly Horseplay

Replacement refs will not tolerate your horseplay! via <a href=""></a>
Replacement refs will not tolerate your horseplay! via

"Alright, cut the horseplay boys." That is mostly all that I remember from my junior high football career. St. Louis Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan and Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch heard that from one of the replacement refs after Sunday's game in Detroit.

Joe Sports Fan has the story:

Nevertheless, a hilarious moment occurred in the post-game when former teammates Cortland Finnegan and Stephen Tulloch found each other and engaged in some lighthearted rabble rousing. Eastin took the bait and tried to break it up - which led to this amazing AP photo.

Eastin was the director of officiating for the charter schools organization in Arizona, charter high schools, before being called up to the NFL as one of the replacement refs this year. Clearly she too takes the same no-nonsense attitude toward horseplay of the typical high school administrator.

JSF has a few more entertaining photos, and one that borders on gross, from Sunday's Rams game. Go check it out.