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Janoris Jenkins Got Titus Young Benched

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young may find a little surprise in his locker, courtesy of the NFL, this week. Young was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul following Cortland Finnegan's second quarter interception return for a touchdown that game the St. Louis Rams the lead.

Young decided to give Rams rookie corner Janoris Jenkins a head-butt on that play. Jenkins was apparently jawing at the Lions, borrowing a page out of Finnegan's on-field playbook for getting inside the opponents' heads. It worked, getting a 15-yard penalty and sending Young to the bench to start the second half of the game.

The Rams secondary had an incredible start to the season on Sunday, the cornerbacks anyway. Jenkins, Finnegan and Bradley Fletcher went up against a ferocious passing offense, and did pretty well to keep them from putting up an early lead.

The safeties struggled and the decision not to send more than three rushers came back to haunt the defensive play late in the game, but it's hard to give the cornerbacks a grade less than an A for their work. This is going to be a very good group for the Rams this season and beyond.