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Rams Practice Squad Rules, Salary & Predictions

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The work is just beginning for the St. Louis Rams and all 31 other NFL teams. Now, Snead and Fisher turn to the task of filling out an eight-man practice squad and tweaking the roster. Teams can start filling out their practice squad at 12:00 p.m. Eastern on Saturday.

After the jump, a refresher on the practice squad rules and some of the players released that the Rams could invite back to the team.

Players who do not have an accrued season in the NFL or were on a 53-man roster for less than nine games during their only accrued season are eligible for the practice squad. Players can have a third season on the practice squad, but there are restrictions around that.

The weekly practice squad salary is unchanged from last year, pegged at $5,700 per week. Teams have the option of paying a player more than that amount in order to lure them to one practice squad versus the other. Practice squad pay does count toward the salary cap, so teams don't usually get too carried away with payments.

As Rams fans well know, teams can sign another team's practice squad players with no restrictions. That's how the Rams got most of their roster during the Devaney years.

Which players could be headed for the Rams' practice squad?

More than likely there are a few names not on the radar yet, players the team scouted in the spring. Among the rookies cut Friday, a pair of offensive linemen could be prime targets. OT Jose Valdez spent some time with the first team during camp. His knowledge of the system could be useful. I personally would like to see them stash T Bob Hebert on there.

Given the emphasis on tight ends, Deangelo Peterson makes sense as a developmental prospect to have around the house. Nick Johnson could be useful too.

I have to think seventh-round pick Aaron Brown gets signed to the practice squad, assuming no other team snaps him up first. He had a strong showing on special teams. Sammy Brown is another name that could be ticketed for the practice squad based on his raw talent.

Injuries to the defensive line could dictate that a few players from that unit get added to the mix. Jamar Jarrett, Scott Smith and Mason Brodine are all eligible.