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Random Ramsdom 09/01/2012: Roster Cuts, Rams Needs, and Free Agency

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Good September, Rams Fans! Surprise! It's a weekend edition Random Ramsdom from yours truly. Clearly there's a lot going in the NFL, as we're only five - yes five - days away from the kickoff of the regular season.

Friday was a big day for all 32 NFL teams, as they dwindled their rosters down to the final 53, and in doing so let go of a few names that may just be able to help the St. Louis Rams. While NFL teams scour through one man's trash looking for serviceable players, fans wait feverishly for their teams to scoop up free agents who can add depth at positions of need.

I'm whipping this together quickly, but here's a few articles highlighting yesterdays moves, and a few players who might prove helpful to the Rams. Who, if anyone, would you like the Rams to sign?

TST's Own Ryan Van Bibber Highlights a Few New Quality Free Agents

With 700 players being 'freed up' on Friday, there probably wouldn't be enough time in the day for Ryan to have covered them all. He highlights a few top tier guys, though. The Rams still have some room for improvement on the depth chart. Any of these gents meet your seal of approval?

Top 25 Free Agents After Friday's Cuts

Bleacher Report breaks down the top 25 available players who'll await calls this Labor Day weekend. There are some very good names on this list, with breakdowns for each. Don't be surprised that there are former, and former former, Rams on this list

USAToday's Best of What's Around

The Rams surprised, pleasantly for some, by cutting backup QB Kellen Clemens yesterday. Outperformed in the preseason by Austin Davis, Clemens will now look for a new home in the NFL. I doubt, however, that the Rams go into the season with only two QB's. There are a few highlighted on this post. Got your eye on one?

ESPN's Analysis of the Rams Cut Down

ESPN's Mike Sando recaps the Rams' Friday. He discusses what he thinks was the biggest move of the day, areas for improvement that still need to be addressed, and what the Rams next move should be. Are the Rams going to be trading Bradley Fletcher?

What Is The Rams Biggest Weakness Heading into 2012?

There are mixed thoughts regarding this question, but for some this is a no-brainer. Still a position of much criticism and without a real answer - even after yesterday's cuts - BR highlights one position that needs some 'ironing out' before the Rams take the field next Sunday. I'm not sure we'll have an answer by then….

NFL's Roster Cut Tracker

A look at every team's roster cuts from Friday. Probably a lot of unfamiliar names surrounding the ones highlighted in the articles above. Where are the diamonds in the rough?

Everyone Have a Safe Holiday Weekend! Go Rams!