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Running Back by Committee?


It seems like yesterday that the Rams ended their woeful 2011 season doesn't it? After a few beers and crying sessions we can look foward to another year of Rams football starting this Sunday against the Colts in the Rams 2012 pre-season opener.

Last year (barring injuries) Steven Jackson was a bright spot once again. On a team where most of the bulbs are blown, it didn't take much light to become a bright spot, but for Jackson, it was, and always has been a different story.. he's a true bright spot.

But let's face the facts... he isn't getting any younger, and his injury status the last couple seasons is showing that age is starting to become a factor.

Couple that with Jeff Fisher's run philosophy, and drafting Pead and Rochardson, and you wonder, what is in store for the Rams running game this season?

We all know what Pead can do, AND we all know what Jackson can do... but what about the wild card in the mix? Yes I'm talking about Daryl Richardson. Jeff Fisher is pretty high on this kid and you can't blame him.

"He has great speed vision, very explosive, he’s tough, he can run inside, he can run outside. He runs the entire offense. He gives us speed, he can get to the edge and set up the outside zone. He got good tracking ability on the inside zone, and good vision."

Could this be a year of running back by committee? We'll soon find out.