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The Rams May Not See Much of Andrew Luck

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Andrew 'It'll Take a Great Deal of' Luck to make it out of the 1st Quarter. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Andrew 'It'll Take a Great Deal of' Luck to make it out of the 1st Quarter. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's an exciting time for St. Louis Rams fans. A new beginning. Optimism swirls throughout the organization, both on and off the field. This Sunday, the new and improved Rams squad will take their first preseason snap.

On the other side of the ball the Indianapolis Colts, another woeful team from 2011, will also be looking to start anew. They'll watch in anticipation as the future of their franchise, Andrew Luck, takes his first snaps as a starter in the NFL. For Rams fans, however, his snaps may not be plentiful...

According to Bruce Arians, they'd like to see Luck in "20 plays, 25 maybe." Bad news for Rams fans, such as myself, who'd like to see about four or five sacks, and two INT's. C'mon Colts, you can do better than that! In Peyton Manning's rookie year, he at least got two quarters worth of work in. Look how he turned out!

Luck, in ever-so-boring fashion, says he won't be asking for more PT, either. "No, they know a lot more about football than I do," he says. RG3 would've eaten a 6 inch sub, punished a Gatorade, joked around with Dave Letterman, and then promised fans a three-quarter spectacle. Oh well, I guess we'll save that for September 26th.

At any rate, it was disappointing news to hear. For fans pining to see the front four dominate their O-line, don't leave your couch. If you wanted to watch a linebacker remind Coby Fleener that he's in the big leagues, you've only got a few series. If you wanted to watch Janoris Jenkins snag an INT and take it in for six - because Luck's definitely not throwing at Cortland Finnegan - look away from your TV at your own risk.. because even though their starting offense is going to be on the field for a minimal amount of plays, one of the aforementioned is bound to happen.