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Random Ramsdom - 8/7 - Some Training Camp Reaction, NFLs first female referee, and the First Victim of the Mayan Apocalypse is...Coca-Cola?


We are a mere five days away from "competitive" Rams football for the first time in over seven months! The Rams will be getting a look at the Colts, and possibly new "it" quarterback Andrew Luck. Although preseason football is never great, having any game situations to watch, then analyze and react, then over-analyze and over-react is going to be tremendous fun.

Meanwhile, we have training camp info to analyze, and receiver competitions to argue about. Hit the jump for today's links.

Rams News

Bleacher Report reacts to some recent training camp stuff - Although a lot of repeat of stuff on TST, it's interesting to get another perspective on some of the things going on in training camp. The most interesting tidbit in this article is another confirmation that Brandon Gibson is spending quite a bit of time practicing with the first team offense.

A recap of the Rams Fan Fest from the view of what it means for the city - Although it's not nearly as strong as Brandons tremendous recap, it's interesting to read about what it could mean for the teams relationship with the city. Worth a read, for sure.

Rokevious Watkins is back down to weight and spoke to FoxSportsMidwest a bit - Sounds like a stand-up kid, and believes that he legitimately made a mistake coming into camp overweight. He sounds like he is truly grateful for the Rams training staff that helped him get back down to weight.

NFL News

Terrell Owens is officially on board to help the Rams in the NFC West this ruining the Seahawks - I'm glad he's in the NFC West, and I'm even more glad he's not with the Rams.

The NFL will have its first female referee, at least for now - Shannon Eastin will be the first woman to work an NFL game on the refereeing crew. Although this is a great thing for the NFL, it does kinda make you wonder...what took so long?

The NFL offered Jonathan Vilma a deal to drop his lawsuit and have his suspension cut in half - Or maybe he wasn't. The NFL denies offering the deal to Vilma. Either way, this is getting to the point that it must be sorted out for this upcoming season. Plus, I think we all can't wait for the story to go away.

Other News

The Government has confirmed the Mayan Apocalypse, and are kicking Coca-Cola out of the country to commemorate it - Not the United States government, this is the Bolivian government. To accompany the incoming "end of capitalism and the start of a culture of life", Coca-Cola will no longer be allowed into the country of Bolivia. This is serious. Go ahead, read the article. This is not from The Onion.

Now that the government has confirmed that the world will end in 18 weeks, I suggest we all enjoy as much football as we can until then!

Thanks for the read, and have a Ramtastic day!