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Justin King Has Some Advice For Sam Bradford

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The most useless debate in the NFL, well, at least as it relates to the St. Louis Rams, was the Andrew Luck versus Sam Bradford debate that enraged partisans throughout the spring. Bradford is restarting his career in St. Louis, while Luck is starting his in Indianapolis. Justin King, a former Rams player now with the Colts and cornerback by default, offered his take on the two young passers.

King should know all about misreads. Despite his blazing speed, he was constantly burned by receivers at the top and bottom of opponents' depth charts. Ask Torrey Smith about matching up against him. (In fairness to King, he should fit better in Indianapolis Cover-2 system).

The Rams and Colts face off on Sunday in the preseason, and we have our first official subtext. Again, to take off the homer hat, Bradford has plenty prove after his first two seasons in the NFL. Burning Justin King could be a good opportunity for a tune up.