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St. Louis Rams Scrimmage: Sam Bradford Sharp, O-Line Iffy And Someone Named 'Salad' Played

Sam Bradford looked more like his old self on Saturday at the St. Louis Rams' scrimmage.
Sam Bradford looked more like his old self on Saturday at the St. Louis Rams' scrimmage.

All eyes, all 15,000 or so of them, were closely watching quarterback Sam Bradford on Saturday as the St. Louis Rams held their annual intra-squad scrimmage. After a Friday session outside under an oppressive sun, the climate controlled environment of the Edward Jones Dome proved to be more conducive to the work that needed to be done.

Bradford was hitting the deep passes at the scrimmage, connecting with Gibson on a deep one and working throughout the session with the list of receivers. Lance Kendricks spent the session on the sideline in sweats.

Fisher rolled out the wildcat for one play, with the snap going to Danny Amendola. Unfortunately, this happened.

Good news, bad news for the lines. Reviews on the offensive line were mixed, as penetration came easy too often for the pass rushers. Rodger Saffold was not practicing on Saturday. Michael Brockers consistently handled double teams and even a trio of blockers. Jose Valdez worked in place of Saffold, getting bested by Robert Quinn on one occasion.

Brandon Gibson is once again looking like an all pro in practice so far, the top receiver on the roster not named Danny Amendola. He did it again at the scrimmage, leaving more and more to wonder whether or not he can translate that to more regular season success.

Someone named "Salad" even showed up in the offense ... (we kid, Brik, we kid).

Finally, take a look at this video of Bradford's first scrimmage during his rookie year in 2010, courtesy of Daniel Doelling. How does he look now compared to this?

We'll have more from the scrimmage for you later today. Our own Brandon Birkhead was on the scene and will be writing up his take on it all.