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Random Ramsdom, 8/4: How To Lose 16 Pounds In A Week, The Rams Way

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

With football season underway, sort of, life is good again, or at least better. The St. Louis Rams have six days of practice under their belt as a full squad, and will take to the field on Saturday at the Dome for a scrimmage. That starts at Noon. Here's a heaping helping of great reads from around the web on the work the Rams have put in so far. Be sure to click through on these links, quality stuff.

Jim Fadler, aka @JimiRamsBoy wrote up his thoughts from Friday's practice. Chris Givens really seems to have people talking, and he was getting deep on Friday even getting by the Rams cornerbacks.

Early on Givens broke free on Finnegan and if the ball had been thrown deeper or to the outside it would have been an easy TD. Instead it hung up and was to the middle of the field and Finnegan picked it off. Later in 11 on 11 Givens was about as open as you can get on a deep post and the ball hung up long enough for a safety to knock it away.

Will at Rams Herd penned an in-depth look at Bradford's day out on Friday that is a must-read.

This is the rookie-year Bradford, calm and efficient and largely mistake-free. And perhaps most importantly, healthy. However, I wouldn't say he's quite all the way back yet. Sam's deep ball still appears to have a good bit of rust on it.

USA Today has a quick look at the Rams' season ahead, with three big questions. Bet you'll never guess what those questions are.

Can a promising defense keep St. Louis competitive? Fisher has a reputation for building some nasty ones and, with coordinator Gregg Williams suspended, should be quite hands-on with a group of young studs.

Rokevious Watkins reported to camp 16 pounds overweight. He was back on the field Friday, leaving the rest of us longing for the means to shed 16 pounds in a week.

His size is precisely why the Rams took him in the fifth round. His 10-inch hands and nearly 7-foot wingspan provide plenty of protection and Fisher said he's likely to see playing time with the first team eventually.

Alright, the Rams are scrimmaging at the Dome today at Noon. We'll have reports from that for your digestion. I was originally planning to be there, but will not be making it due to a last minute change of plans ... but a very, very fortuitous change of plans.