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Ravens Vs. Rams: The Preseason Ends Now!

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This is it. This is the last bout of preseason football you have to suffer through for another year. Hopefully, the St. Louis Rams' regular season won't be as tedious as it usually is either, resembling a variant of preseason football for whichever teams were lucky enough to pad their record with a game against the Rams.

I think even my own cynicism, drawn from running this little Rams blog since 2006, may be quashed this year. Mustaches have a way of doing those kinds of things.

The Rams are one of a few NFL teams electing to play their starters tonight. Sam Bradford, Chris Long, James Laurinaitis, etc. will all be working against the Ravens' second- and third-team players. Regardless, it's a chance to iron out the wrinkles before live fire starts next week.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We'll have a little season preview for folk next Thursday, Sep. 6, at 2 p.m. CT in the form of a Google Hangout. Not sure what the proper verb would be there, but fire up your web cams and come ask my receding hairline all the questions you want about the Rams.

Tomorrow is cut down day, with the roster going from 75 to 53 players by 8 p.m. CT. We'll naturally have complete coverage and analysis.

Comments below, I'll try to drop in any relevant GIFs I can, but with a dozen games on the docket, our GIF guy might be a little busy tonight.