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Cowboys TE John Phillips Does Not Have A Catch

Jeff Fisher won his first challenge as the St. Louis Rams head coach. Fish threw the red flag on this catch from tight end John Phillips.

Phillips made a nice initial grab, and the replacement refs had the first test of the game on a tough call that lived in a gray area of the rule book. Phillips did not have control of the ball when his elbow hit the ground. Marshall Faulk and the booth crew were convinced that the ruling, a catch, should stand. Fisher knew otherwise.

Take a look for youself:



All in all, the Rams defense was a mixed bag on their opening drive. They held Dallas to a field goal, but they should have kept them out field goal range. A blown play on DeMarco Murray by Rocky McIntosh was the killer, though not McIntosh's only gaff of the drive.

Can the offense do any better?