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Will The Rams Go Winless This Season? ESPN Thinks So


I used to subscribe to ESPN the Magazine, thinking that it would at least make for interesting bathroom fodder to fill up that brief moment of quiet bliss following my morning coffee. I cancelled it pretty quickly when I realized that it was easily the crappiest thing in the commode. The most recent issue has done nothing to change my impression of that, given their prediction for the St. Louis Rams.

0-16. Yep, in a classic example of trolling in print, they lowballed the Rams (and some other teams).

Through some simulation, probably a Commodore 64 programmed for tired irony by the staff at Grantland, the Weekly World News of monthly sports magazines came up with the Rams going winless this season.

Think about it. ESPN the Magazine thinks that the Rams will be worse this year than last, worse than 2-14 and all the crummy seasons that came before that one.

I'm not a complete homer. I realize that the Rams have some trials to go through as they rebuild from years of damage, but it's pretty clear that the team is better this year than last. Health alone makes them a better team than last year.

Garbage. An 0-16 prediction is just as farcical as a 16-0 prediction.

First class trolling.