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Random Ramsdom for Friday 8/24/2012: Johnny, Martians and Vernon Get Down!

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Good Friday Rams Fans! After many a mile traveled the Stanfill clan is settled in. The cardboard boxes were picked up by a random free-cycler just moments ago, and we even managed to get all the pictures hung. It's starting to feel like home already. We received our first piece of mail yesterday as a matter of fact. I was pleasantly surprised to see this when I opened the mailbox. I have since, according to my wife, wasted many a minute devouring the novel. I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow the horns on the helmet go do battle with America's team. Look to Turf Show Times to deliver plenty of coverage today and tomorrow, along with predictions and enough tips on watching the game you'd think that we were in the coaches meetings. We'll be rolling out some keys to the game, a watch list of players, and even delve into the history of all that is Rams vs Cowboys.

Now some Randomness:

They Said What?
Cruise on over to and scroll through this list of random newspaper headlines sure to get your gut busting. My personal favorite is at the top of the list.

I Want One of These!
Are you kidding me? Knowing my luck though the thing would only last until I got about four stories up then poop out on me. It should come standard with a parachute and safety lines.

The Heck with the Man on the Moon
Although debunked by experts as pixel anomalies, these photos could make for interesting water cooler talk. Funny how NASA spent so much money on this project and yet the cameras have dead pixels like a $199 LED TV from Wally World. Oh well, I guess cruising through the Martian atmosphere at 5.9 kilometers per second, then crashing onto the surface of a rock hard planet will do that.

Steven, The Ultimate Warrior
Even if you are a die hard Rams fan this link will tell you what you already know and then some; Steven Jackson is a bad mo fo. Yes, I apologize for the B/R slide show format, however this is a good rehashing of some ultimate moments from the Predator and some good stats to know when you get into an argument with the guys and gals at the office on who is the best back in the NFC West.

Red October?
For those folks who consider themselves a fan of baseball, ponder this. The 2012 St. Louis Cardinals have more stolen bases, a higher batting average, more wins per pitcher, and a better winning percentage than the 2011 club that won it all. The Cardinals put on a clinic Thursday afternoon, routing the lowly Houston Astros 13-5. The series sweep puts the Red Birds in a position to take one of the Wild Card spots available with a one game lead over the suddenly cold bats of the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was about this time last year when the Cards went on a hot streak to secure a playoff spot. Yes, they did get a little help from the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves record breaking collapse, but who cares? They won it all right?

Fantasy Football Anyone?
If you are a noob to FF or a seasoned veteran of the gridiron, you should check out SBNation's Fantasy War Room. Got a question, ask and you'll get an answer. Or you can just go it alone, after all, we don't need no stinkin' map!

Vernon, Oh Vernon!
Many say that Vernon could be making his last stop in St. Louis. As a bust with the New York Jets, he can possibly rejuvenate his career under the Edward Jones Dome. Perhaps he just needs a change in scenery, perhaps a lower level of exposure in St. Louis can build up his confidence. New York and its fan base can be very unforgiving. In St. Louis he could very well cling onto a roster spot and learn from the excellent defensive minds the Rams have collected under the ownership of Stan Kroenke.

SPAM Anyone?
Do you like SPAM? Do you like fried rice? Good, cause that means more of this stuff for you! I ain't eating it.

That's all folks and thanks for the read. Remember to point your browser here throughout today and tomorrow for up to date info on everything Rams.

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