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Random Ramsdom 8/22: Things get chippy at Rams practice


Hey everybody! Let's start with the big news. The Rams traded Josh Gordy to the Indianapolis Colts yesterday for an undisclosed 2014 draft pick.

Gordy played well last season after being picked up off of Green Bay's practice squad, and was competing to be the Rams 4th CB with Trumaine Johnson and Jerome Murphy. Trumaine, Bradley Fletcher, Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins are already guaranteed roster spots, leaving the last spot to either Gordy or Murphy.

Now Gordy has more potential than Murphy, and is probably a better player at this point, but you have to ask are you comfortable getting rid of Murphy for nothing. If Murphy was cut, he would have been instantly picked up by another team and the Rams would get nothing. Murphy doesn't have the experience to bring anything in a trade, but Gordy does. In the end, it's not is Gordy better than Murphy/Johnson as the 4th corner. It wether or not having a draft pick and Murphy is better than just Gordy for the future? For my money it's a yes.

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Danny Amendola v. Janoris Jenkins

Things got chippy between Danny Amendola and Janoris Jenkins in practice yesterday, on multiple occasions. After one play, Danny ripped off Jenkins' helmet and was about to throw a punch, before Jeff Fisher told him, "that's enough". Fights happen in football practice, and quite honestly can be a positive sign for a team (as long as it doesn't get to New York Jets' territory). There's nothing to worry about here.

Don't expect 4th down gambles in the regular season

So far this preseason, the Rams have went for it on 4th down 6 times. This is a large amount and has brought many to wonder how Jeff Fisher will react to these situations in the regular season. Don't kid yourselves here, Fisher hasn't turned into a gambler. He will run the same conservative game plan he has run for years.

"Well, I know both kickers can kick 20-yard field goals, 30-yard field goals," said Fisher, referring to Greg Zuerlein and Garrett Lindholm. "In the preseason, why not try to make plays on offense? So that's basically it. Obviously the philosophy changes during the regular season - (with) momentum, flow, and field position.

Will MJD be traded?

Maurice Jones-Drew's holdout continues, and the Jaguars aren't going to give him a new contract anytime soon. MJD wants money along the lines of what Matt Forte and Ray Rice received this offseason, but the Jaguars have put their line in the sand. Jags new owner Shad Khan, who attempted to buy 60% of the Rams, has said "the train is leaving the station". In light of those comments, MJD says he would be open to a trade. Now a trade for a RB with Jones-Drew's mileage won't bring much in return to Jacksonville. Expect this standoff to continue, until Maurice Jones-Drew realizes losing a year of pay is not worth it.

Russell Wilson to start

The third week of the preseason is when team like to get their starter plenty of work. They usually play until the half, often into the third quarter. Apparently the Seahawks still aren't settled on who will be the starting QB. Russell Wilson will be the starter for Seattle's third game this preseason, not Matt Flynn. Wilson has been impressive this preseason, but Matt Flynn has not been bad at all. This move by the Seahawks is designed to get a good look at Russell Wilson with the first team offense, but it doesn't mean he will be the starter opening day, but Pete Carroll has to be considering it.

Video of the week: From my favorite band, and yes, I've tried a couple of these...

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!