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DeMaurice Smith Talks Player Discipline, Replacement Refs And More

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Player disciplined seemed like something other teams had to worry about, not the St. Louis Rams. That changed on July 10 when second-year defensive end Robert Quinn was arrested for a DUI in a St. Louis suburb. Quinn was one of 31 NFL player arrests during the offseason.

Player arrests bring player discipline from commissioner Roger Goodell. Though Quinn will likely escape a suspension as a first-time offender, other players will be sitting out this season for a period of time. The issue of Goodell's role in that process, a role of judge, jury and executioner, has been criticized by the players and union along the way.

SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson recently sat down for an exclusive interview with DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA executive director. The two discussed the player discipline issue as well as the host of other squabbles between the players and the league this year.

Check out the video interview after the jump.