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Positive Signs For Danario Alexander in Preseason Game 3

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Saturday nights game against the Kansas City Chiefs was just what the doctor ordered for Rams fans, who were ready to forget that week one of the preseason ever occurred. Signs of life on both offense and defense were a pleasant, and welcomed, site.

For the Rams, and their fans, getting out of the preseason healthy has taken priority over whatever number may be in the loss column. We do, however, yearn to see certain players take the field and prove their NFL worthiness, as we've got less than three weeks before the season actually kicks off.

One of those players, oft discussed, is Danario Alexander. When healthy, DX is a lethal weapon on the field. At this point, though, there are more questions than answers. Danario has yet to see a moment of playing time in the preseason, and has gotten to a point where he looks at practice like Allen Iverson.

There are, however, signs of positivity for DX going in this weeks game in Dallas…

There are obviously a lot of bells and whistles other than a 2,100 inch, punt deflecting HDTV. When Jerry Jones designed the stadium, he did so with 'the ultimate fan experience' in mind. And that means fans of all ages, sizes, and abilities:

Cowboys Stadium is committed to guests with disabilities. Our facilities are fully accessible and we provide a wide range of services and amenities for guests with special needs

Amenities indeed! Front row parking? Check! Shuttle service? You know it! Elevators? C'mon now…you didn't think a stadium that cost $1.15 billion was going to make you walk up steps, did you? I'm surprised, at that price that people aren't rolling around in Segways like Shaq Diesel. They've also got Service Dogs, which really wouldn't be necessary for DX. There are Rams players, though, that showed interest in that particular service. When asked about that particular amenity, Janoris Jenkins said, "What kind of dog? My bags already get checked at the airport!"

Lastly, and most importantly, will be the stadiums ability to allow Darario to get up and down the field ramps with ease:

Cowboys Stadium provides wheelchair and companion seating with enhanced sightlines on all levels. Be advised that Cowboys Stadium personnel reserve the right to take appropriate legal action against individuals who fraudulently obtain wheelchair and companion seats.

Rest easy Jerry, he's legit. Check his stat lines from weeks one and two. Companion seating sounds nice too. I'm not sure that he'll need it…he'll be sitting with 53 other guys who will be St. Louis Rams this year.