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St Louis Rams Offensive Line Impresses - Shows Potential


Last week against the Colts Coach Jeff Fisher admitted he didn't have much of a playbook in. Yes, the Rams played a pretty "vanilla" game just getting a feel for things.

Even after getting crushed Jeff Fisher stayed cool, calm and collected. Standing at the podium during the post game press conference after getting hosed by a 2011 1-15 team, Fisher showed no signs of concern. After last night's game against the Chiefs, winning by 2 scores, we can see why.

Yes this was a pre-season game, but still, you can't help feeling a little "giddy" this morning. Maybe because of Sam Bradford who finally looked comfy, tossing 2 TD passes giving the Rams an early 14-0 lead. Maybe it was because of SJAX looking like he's in the prime of his career, making monster beastly runs. Perhaps seeing Danny Amendola making circus catches in the end zone. Or the defense actually causing turnovers...

As big a fan I am of Danny, for me it was the Offensive Line. I for one am breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning... so loud of a sigh that you can hear it echoing outside of Rams Park.

The Rams offensive line was so impressive, even Sam was surprised he didn't need any ice packs after the game:

"Yes. I thought those guys played great tonight. I don’t think I got touched once. Anytime that you come out of a game and you’re not sore, it’s a great feeling. So, props to those guys. They played great tonight."

It's amazing what a good OL performance can do for the confidence of a QB. And the best part was that two players stepped up that haven't even been billed as starters. T Barry Richardson and G "Rok" Watkins (at least not this early in his career!). These guys shined last night in all aspects of the game.

Not only did they display phenominal pass blocking skills, but on a couple running plays, both made impressive pull blocks that must have made the "stache" proud, particularly "Rok" whom the Fish man spoke of at the podium:

"They’re getting opportunities to play early and we felt like they were going to contribute. I have to look at the tape to look at the big men on both lines, both (DT Michael) Brockers and (LG Rokevious) Watkins, but it looked like they were getting the job done."

This is a very good day for Rams fans.. a good day indeed.