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Rams DT Matt Conrath Has Your Fat Guy Interception


St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Matt Conrath gets the weekend's fat guy playmaker trophy. Trumaine Johnson tipped a pass from Rick Stanzi that the undrafted rookie lineman snagged out of the air. Have a look.



A very nice play from both players who needed to have a good game on Saturday night.

Conrath measures 6-foot-8, gigantic for an interior lineman, and has a nice ability to top passes. He struggled some last week with getting low to get leverage on blockers. That caused him to get swept out of the play pretty easily. He had a better night against the Chiefs, as the interception would clearly indicate. Conrath is a Virginia product that the Rams targeted.

Johnson has done a nice job through camp and in last week's game. This is a big step up for him though, and his nose for the ball was something the Rams liked about him out of Montana.