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Rams Vs. Chiefs: Kansas City Favored By A Point

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Betting on NFL games is an inexact science, though even a tightwad such as myself would rather bet on NFL games than most other sports. In part, that's because I know the NFL pretty well, but I've always felt like wagering on the pigskin was a better proposition than the other sports. But preseason betting? I'd take my chances on MLB regular season games over that.

Nevertheless, if you do have a hankering for a little action on Saturday's St. Louis Rams game, perhaps we can offer a little assistance. The Kansas City Chiefs are favored over the Rams, by a point. One point seems to be the typical preseason spread, and is essentially even. After all, the outcome of these games is usually determined by second and third stringers competing for roster spots in the second half of the game.

Wagering aside, let me ask who you think will win this game and why? I'm far less concerned about the final score than I am with what I see on the field. Nevertheless, competition is competition.