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Take A Moment To Wallow In The Misfortunes Of Kansas City

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Our "friends" over at Arrowhead Pride like to take the opportunity of the annual Governor's Cup game to land a few pot shots on the city of St. Louis. It's cool. We can handle it. Mayor Slay's lax effort on solving crime and bashing the Rams' plans for the Edward Jones Dome as a cheap political ploy has made residents in the city much tougher.

In the spirit of giving back, I cordially invite you to rattle off the reasons Kansas City deserves your disdain. For one, it's half in Kansas, and that's never a good thing. Sure, they have St. Louis beat on the BBQ front, with at least a dozen places on par with the legendary Pappy's Smokehouse.

Kansas City also has the Royals. The Royals ... ha ha. So spend the next hour or so having fun at Kansas City's expense. They deserve it.

On Saturday, we'll see who gets the last laugh.