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James Laurinaitis Contract: Some Fans Are Peeing Themselves With Excitement

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The St. Louis Rams expect to have linebacker James Laurinaitis locked up to a long-term contract extension before the start of the regular season. Getting Laurinaitis under contract gives the team one less thing to worry about in 2013 when his old contract would have made him eligible for free agency. And how are fans reacting to the news?

Excited, as you might have expected. Laurinaitis has quickly become the face of the franchise, with all due respect to Jeff Fisher's mustache. A cornerstone player, Laurinaitis has been a touchstone of promise since his rookie season in 2009, when the Rams went 1-15.

Like a number of players on the Rams, Laurinaitis has been good, but is yet to reach his full potential. That's what the new coaching staff is here for.

As for the fans, well, they were naturally pretty pumped about the news. We asked our Twitter followers to chime in @TurfShowTimes:

This last one really sums it up.