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Andrew Luck's First Touchdown Should Have Never Happened

The touchdown that should have never happened.
The touchdown that should have never happened.

The legend of Andrew Luck got started pretty early on Sunday afternoon. With pressure coming, Luck hit Donald Brown on a dump off screen pass, who then proceeded to take it to the proverbial house for a 63-yard touchdown. As good as Andrew Luck was in that game, the legend probably should have been delayed a little bit. Brown's touchdown should never have happened.

The evidence after the jump.

Why? Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers was being held, and not just a little grab during the exchange inside the trenches. Guard Joe Reitz grabbed Brockers and held on like he was riding a bull.




The stills don't do it proper justice. When you watch the video, it's a pretty egregious example of holding. Reitz even gets him from behind after Brown goes by him. Brockers might well have made the stop on Brown. You can see how close he got in the second picture here, and it really stands out in the video.

Blame it on the replacement refs? Maybe. The regular refs miss calls too.