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TST Fantasy Football: League 15 Draft Results


Saturday August 11, 2012 was a night to remember. Besides the parties being held around the world in honor of Paul Ryan, a group of TSTers held the first ever TST League 15 Fantasy Football Draft. My household was in chaos due to the wife and I packing for the upcoming move. Between the beer laced with Patron, kids, dogs, cats, and packing tape, it was a wonder I was able to resist the urge to click Auto Pick. It was a fast and furious draft at that. From start to finish, the 10 team draft only took 43 minutes. Managers were picking very quickly, and only a few times in later rounds did managers almost run out the 1:30 clock. The wife was asking for my help between picks, so I was doing a shuffle between the laptop and the living room. Good news is we had a heck of a draft and half the house is packed up. According to Yahoo! Sports, the best draft went to The Silver Bullets. You be the judge:

Round 1 was crazy. London Rams started things off going with the conventional 1st pick of Arian Foster. Then it got insane! Corbett's Crew picked Aaron Rodgers, then Tom Brady was scooped up by Too Big for a Hat! The LA Rams kept it cool with Ray Rice, then Berkeley Rams followed that up with LeSean McCoy. Necessary Roughness snagged Ryan Matthews, then Amedola Dolla Bills took Megatron, Calvin Johnson. The Silver Bullets decided Maurice-Jones Drew was the 4th best RB available, and TWR Drummer followed suit with Chris "I Got Gold Fronts" Johnson. Papa's Pats closed out the 1st round with Drew Brees.

Three of the top QBs in the league went in the 1st round! This was sure to shake things up for the rest of the draft. But like I said, the draft only took 43 minutes, so these TSTers were more than ready with their draft boards all marked up. Click the link below to access a file with the rest of the results if you are so inclined.

TST League 15 FF Draft Results