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Andrew Luck Finds Donald Brown For A Touchdown On His First NFL Snap

Andrew Luck started his NFL career in the most memorable way possible, with a touchdown on a screen pass to Donald Brown. The St. Louis Rams defense did a poor job reading this play, though there was some holding left uncalled as you can see (look at the OL with Michael Brockers). James Laurinaitis got caught up with a blocker and could not get off to make the stop.



It was not a good start for a team that wanted to emphasize the fundamentals in their first preseason game. This was a clear gaff on the fundamentals here. There were not any missed tackles, but far too many blue shirts tied up with white jerseys.

The defense did a much better job on the next series, getting real pressure on Luck and making a stop on Donald Brown. I would not panic too much on the touchdown. It was a pretty standard preseason goof.