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Rams Vs. Colts Odds: A Preseason Wagering

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Odds for preseason football seem like the kind of thing you need if you're really, really someone who likes to gamble. Dare I say compulsively? Because we cater to wide audience here at TST, we try to make a little something for everyone, so how about some odds for Sunday's tilt between the St. Louis Rams and the Indianapolis Colts.

The Rams are favored by a point and a half. That's just about even odds, which seems like a total hedge for a preseason game since who know what kind of play will be happening in the second half when it becomes a battle of depth charts.

I'll probably hang onto my allowance for the week, saving it for something a little more predictable to bet on. If you have thoughts about those odds, let us know what you think.

As usual, we will have complete coverage of the game, so stay tuned and join our open thread. We'll also be live on Twitter @TurfShowTimes.