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NFL Preseason: Friday Night Open Thread

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

Well, we're nearing halftime of the Friday night preseason game(s), so we've got get ready to head to the locker room - through the rain - and with no shirt on. Not sure which game you might be tuning into this evening, but all eyes will be on Tebow, as he looks to run the ball 10 yards at a time to victory.

If you're not watching the Jets v. Bengals game, don't fret! ESPN will cover it at halftime, and then again after the game. And then they'll cover it every 4 minutes and 39 seconds until Sunday, when they'll use it as 'news' to preface the Rams v. Colts game.

What ya watchin? What ya seein? Looks like the Cardinals are getting punished by the Chiefs