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Random Ramsdom, 8/10/12: Maybe This Isn't So Bad

The St. Louis Rams start the preseason in two days. Are they ready?
The St. Louis Rams start the preseason in two days. Are they ready?

I know you're all incredibly excited for the start of preseason football. Watching wacky replacement refs boffo key football facts, like the difference between Atlanta and Arizona. Who knows what could happen through the rest of the weekend. A little closer to home, we need to get you all caught up on everything St. Louis Rams.

I'm filling in for Random Ramsdom today, and am running it much later than usual. I know you have other buffet options for a mid-day link dump, but I hope you'll enjoy our nutritious steaming pile of content delivered fresh to your plate.

Yum, yum!

Oft-imitated, never duplicated, here's your top clicks for killing time on your boss' dime this Friday.

Camp Battles: Paul Boudreau vs Jason Smith - For all the talk about the Rams' offensive line lately, you really need to give Will's piece a read on OL coach Paul Boudreau and a look at his record in Atlanta. Very good information here.

Jim Fadler’s Practice Report –Aug. 9 - Jim was at practice on Thursday and shared his notes. He has some good insight on the offensive line as well. Also of note, the Rams spent plenty of time on Thursday practicing the deep ball.

Pigskin Cover 3: Friday Edition - Patty at The Pigskin Arch notes that the most commanding presence on the practice field just might be that of linebackers coach Blake Williams, son of Greg. The younger Williams is widely seen as an up and coming coaching talent which makes you wonder if he might not get the DC tab next season.

Former MU center Barnes tries for job with Rams - The Rams have a long list of centers, including Mizzou product Tim Barnes who was added to the practice squad last fall. Barnes and T-Bob Hebert, UDFA out of LSU, have plenty of talent, and should be an interesting battle to watch in the preseason.

The next elite corner in the NFC West (?) - Veteran NFL head coaches knows better than to pump up a rookie prematurely. That's what makes Jeff Fisher's comments regarding cornerback Janoris Jenkins so remarkable.