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Random Ramsdom 7/9: Two Weeks Till Training Camp


Top o' the mornin' to ya, sports fans. I hope everybody had a wonderful Fourth and weekend. Are your stomachs bulging, ears throbbing and hands bleeding still? Few months bring as much excitement as July.

Now that the booms of fireworks have subsided - except for those of remaining pyromaniacs - the only thing fixed in the minds of football fans' is the upcoming spectacle of NFL training camp. I finally understand the saying of "Christmas in July" - because it's surely not snowing any time soon! Now, how about some random Rams news? It's come in slight moderation recently, but could soon be on the rise. Find out why after the jump...

James Laurinaitis could have Pro Bowl in his future - Every St. Louis Ram fan's favorite "Animal," middle linebacker James Laurinaitis, has gone largely underappreciated around the rest of the NFL fan bases. While likely inexcusable in the eyes of Rams Nation, it does coincide with the league-wide philosophy that states you're only as good as the players around you. However, with a revamped unit surrounding him, #55 could be in for the best season of his young career. At least his potential and skill are recognized, and he may soon be seen as a big-time player. Perhaps Laurinaitis' most impressive of all statistics is (knock on wood) the fact that he has missed all of three defensive snaps during his three years in the league. That's incredible.

ESPN interview with GM Les Snead - If you have the time, this is a great listen. Snead checks in with Mark Schlereth to discuss the rollercoaster ride that has been the Rams' offseason, discussing everything from the blockbuster RG3 trade to training camp and their tasks moving forward. The only thing missing is Snead's square-jawed, ultra-cool visual demeanor, but you just know he's laying back like The Fonz doing what he has to do to not tip his hand. You got this, Les.

Could the Rams be interesting in 2012? - Let's hope so. In merely a decade, the Rams went from one of the most raved about franchises in professional sports to the punch line of a tired anecdote. For the first time in over said decade, the Rams will again be led by someone who knows exactly what he is doing, coaching veteran Jeff Fisher. That's good news to Steven Jackson. It won't take an immediate turnaround and a surprising playoff berth in 2012 to return the Rams to relevancy; all that is needed is a healthy dose of competitive play. Is that asking too much?

The dangers of energy drinks: Rodger Saffold - As it turns out, excess consumption of caffeine-filled energy drinks can be harmful to your body. In another groundbreaking discovery, energy drinks should not be used as a substitute for sports drinks in rigorous athletic activity. Such is an important bit of information that Rams' tackle Rodger Saffold found out the hard way. During a summer training session while still at the University of Indiana, Saffold began to experience agonizing chest pains. It was later determined that he was on the verge of cardiac arrest, caused by fatigue and dehydration. Quick action by his athletic trainer may have saved his life.

Could Browns or Rams risk Terrell Owens? - Well, could they? Sure. Should they? Speaking solely on the Rams' behalf, absolutely not. While the quality of talent in the Rams' stable of wide receivers lies in question, there is no denying that the team is already overcrowded at the position. Adding a 38-year-old knucklehead into the mix would likely do little to rectify that situation. Although the Rams added Appalachian State's Brian Quick with the intention of molding him into their own version of T.O., they envisioned only the former All-Pro's style of play - not his attitude.

Unsigned draft picks as of July 5 - By now, I'm sure that everyone has heard about Janoris Jenkins' contract dispute with the Rams. The team has also yet to sign third-round pick, Trumaine Johnson. In addition to those two - spread out across 20 teams - 32 rookies remain without a contract, so don't panic. Among those who haven't yet signed the dotted line are top-3 overall picks, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson.

Cards' Ryan Williams is healthy - In case you forgot - and don't feel bad about it - the Arizona Cardinals chose a running back in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. The vicious runner out of Virginia Tech, Ryan Williams, missed his entire rookie year after suffering a ruptured patella tendon on his first career carry in his first pre-season game. It truly was a sad occurrence for a player with so much upside. Lucky for us Ram fans, this beast, who idolizes the great late Walter Payton, is set to retake the field.

Check out Football Gameplan's in-depth take on the upcoming, "remodeling" (<-Must see video, as well, if you have not!) St. Louis Rams. Position-by-position breakdowns and speculation - what more could you want? Not a stone is left unturned here.

Does this pertain to the Rams? Not in the least. Is this one of the coolest things that you will see all day? I think so. For our zombie enthusiasts of Turf Show Times, I found and present this to you. Got the perfect post-apocalyptic survival plan, but still need to solve that little disposal problem while having more fun in the process? Let the natural world lend a hand. As demonstrated by this 30-kilogram lump of organic trash, here is a glimpse of what would ensue following a garbage can zombie plummeting into a lake of lava. Mind = blown.