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Turf Show Times Fantasy Football


Fantasy Football has started off with a roar! Live drafts are happening and the number of leagues is still growing. If you have signed up for Turf Show Times Fantasy Football, received an invite from Yahoo and haven't signed in to your team, you have till Monday, 7/9/12, to do so. If you don't sign in, I'll be moving to the guys on the waiting list to fill your spots.

If you HAVE NOT requested to be a part of TST Fantasy Football, and wish to do so, this is the LAST CALL for you to get in on the fun. I had planned to keep letting people sign up till training camps opened, but the project is getting to big to handle correctly. We have 25 teams built so far, so if you want in, sign up now.

If you have signed up, but haven't received an invite, go ahead and let me know who you are by posting your e-mail address in the thread, since that's how I identify you on the list, and not by your TST screen names.