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Random Ramsdom July 4th: Happy Birthday America!


236 years ago, 56 men made a decision. A decision that was fraught with danger. A decision that changed the course of human history.

Many forget that the decision to draft the Declaration of Independence was not a popular decision and the men who wrote it were radicals. The idea that a person should have ultimate freedom to control their own destiny and govern themselves was ridiculous. 56 men decided that this idea was what was right, what was needed and what was worth fighting for.

Today, many in the country focus on some of the many problems we have. There is a down feeling too many as we have had some very tough times. Let us not forget that no matter what problems we have, this is and will always be the "Land of Opportunity".

Also, I would like you to take time and remember the words of the pledge we have all taken at some point in our lives. Say it again today, and may we forever be "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

One last point, thank a member of the armed forces today, in fact as many as you can. They are the reason I can sit here bringing you the latest in St. Louis Rams news. They put their life on the line for all of us. I can never thank all you who have served enough. I would like to personally thank one of my great friends, and TST's own Joe McAtee (or 3k) for his tremendous sacrifice that he made for us all.

Bounty Punishments Upheld

Roger Goodell punished 4 players who were involved in the alleged bounty programs with the Saints. All Goodell who gave out the punishments. I can just see him in his office saying, "Yep, I made a great decision there!" Having to appeal to the same person who punished you is stupid. This was a totally unfair process to the players and something the NFLPA will surely be fighting to change.

Media Misconceptions About the Rams

Yes, this is a Bleacher article, but Shane Gray does a fantastic job! Part one of his list is that many think of St. Louis as a baseball town, but not a great sports town. I like Shane would say poppycock (okay, he probably wouldn't say that). Many forget the support the Rams had from 1999-2004. The Dome was a place opposing teams feared. The Rams have great support in the St. Louis area. Yes the crowds are down and the Dome's atmosphere is dead, but if this team can get back to winning, the fans who made the Dome crazy in 1999 are still here.

Drew Brees wins tag ruling

Drew Brees won a ruling that make it so he may only be franchise tagged one more season in 2013. Due to "vague" language in the CBA, the Saints were trying to claim that this tag in 2012 was the first for Brees, though he was tagged by the Chargers in 2005. Glad to see common sense won out here.

Rams Pre-Camp Defense

Here's Mike Sando giving us an update of where things stand for the Rams defense and which players have the best chance to make the team.

Videos of the Week:

America - Fuck Yeah! (via Simmyisdead)

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Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. (via anner92)

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