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Random Ramsdom - 7/3 - The Inevitable End of NFL Blackouts, McNabb has lost his mind, and a Zombie Theme Park


We are now a mere four weeks from the start of Rams training camp. All the speculation can stop, and the on-field action can begin! The DX arguments will become a daily thing, and could end in bloodshed! And all of it is a mere four weeks away!

But until that four weeks ends, we have to make due with conjecture, off field news, and real world news. Hit the jump for all of that...and more!

Rams News

ESPN's early analysis of roster battles for the Rams - Mike Sando takes some early guesses on who will make the Rams on the offensive side of the ball. The first thing most Rams' fans will look at is who will make the roster at wide receiver...and he has it the same way we do, with Smith, Amendola, Quick, Givens, and Salas as safe bets, and the other spots up for grabs.

The NFL is easing it's local blackout rules - For years, if an NFL game was not sold out, the game was blackout out in the team's city. Now, the NFL appears to be ending that policy, bringing the bar to as low as 85%. Good to see the league understands that, as much fun as going to a live game can be, there is a case to be made that dealing with all the pain and cost of going to a live game just isn't worth it in the age of HDTV and Sunday Ticket. I am of the opinion that the blackout will be a thing of the past within the next decade. Any stadium that sells 70% of their seats will have their team's game on television.

Shane Gray tackles some major media misconceptions about St Louis's relationship with the Rams - The first part in a four part series Shane is doing on the media and the Rams, and it is an absolute must read. Just a tremendous case for why talk of relocation is silly, and why both sides should be fighting to keep the team in St. Louis, not fighting each other.

NFL News

80-90 percent chance that Donovan McNabb is completely delusional - Oh wait, I misread that. The ex-Eagle gave those odds on him being on a roster during the NFL season this year. Good luck with that, Donovan...

Eric Wright of Tampa Bay has been arrested on a DUI - Seems like there is a link to a player being involved in something nefarious nearly every day during the offseason. That is the only case to be made for going to 18 games...public safety.

Next week, we are going to tie Sean Payton down and take turns kicking him in the junk - His endless, awful offseason has just gotten worse. Payton filed for divorce from his wife, citing a "conflict of personalities". Wonder if it has anything to do with him doing something stupid and losing nearly $6 million for this season by being suspended without pay.

The lighter side of the apocalypse

After bringing you news on the zombie apocalypse in the past, I would be remiss to leave out the positive side of the pending World War Z. A man in Detroit wants to make a live action zombie theme park out of an abandoned neighborhood in the downtrodden town. Some people would go for the fun of escaping the zombies. Me? I would be treating it as a rehearsal.

Thanks for the read, as usual, and have a Ramtastic day!