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St. Louis Rams Practice Report: Sam Bradford Looking 'Sharp'

While interviewing Chris Long, Tony Softli received a message from beyond. (Photo <a href="" target="new">via Daniel Doelling</a> at Sunday's practice).
While interviewing Chris Long, Tony Softli received a message from beyond. (Photo via Daniel Doelling at Sunday's practice).

I know we've been here before. I remember all the turnaround talk the last time the St. Louis Rams had a new head coach and general manager. But this time just feels different, doesn't it?

It sure looked different with the throngs of fans who turned up in droves to see practice on the first day of training camp. No official numbers have been released but everyone from long-time fans to the media to team officials remarked on the size of the crowds being something beyond those of recent memory.

There was plenty to be excited about, even though players were practicing in just the shells. Pads don't come out until day four. TST will have plenty more on camp in the days ahead, but I thought it was worth sharing something from Jim Trotter at, who pulled the shortest straw among the NFL writers at the venerable publication for July trip to Missouri ... something Trotter said about Sam Bradford.

I know we're been here before ... repetition is sort of theme this time of year. But this is outstanding to hear.

If Sam Bradford is at least looking the part of a rebound candidate in July, it would be the first step toward something truly different this time around.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: You know I can't post a picture of Tony Softli looking like that without opening it up to a caption contest. The three best captions get a spot, if they want it, in the TST Super Secret Fantasy Football League.

We have a few more photos on the TST Facebook page. We'll have more coming from Brandon Birkhead who was on the scene and out fleet of fan reporters.

The fantastic picture up above comes from Daniel Doelling, who should follow on Twitter if you like to talk sports.