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Turf Show Times Fantasy Football: Who are you drafting and when?


As training camp finally comes upon us and players and coaches are mixing it up on the field, we plebeian fans are left to scour the web for news and notes, and eagerly await the start of the season. How do we participate in this melee and claim our part of grid iron glory? Fantasy Football!

We ponder the latest draft trends, organize and vacillate over one player or another, and ask ourselves such brain twisting questions as: Do I draft a QB in the 1st round? What about a K before the 9th? Will Arian Foster be worth that #1 pick? We pour over draft guru recommendations, talk smack to our buddies at work or school, and have dreams of Drew Brees breaking the 50 point mark every week.

But at the end of the day, our Fantasy Football drafts rarely turn out how we expect them to. There is always the wrench thrown in our plans, causing us to scurry like the rats of NIMH avoiding Dragon the cat, adjusting our draft list and crying out in screams of incomprehension.

Below are the results of my latest draft over at Yahoo! As you can see I entertained the idea of going for the QB in the 1st round, followed by an even more controversial decision to pickup the surest bet TE on the board with my next pick. I know, I know, that is draft suicide right? I think it turned out ok. Granted, this draft is only for a 6 team league, so depth is stellar here.

1. (6) Drew Brees QB
2. (7) Jimmy Graham TE
3. (18) Greg Jennings WR
4. (19) Adrian Peterson RB
5. (30) Jamaal Charles RB
6. (31) Hakeem Nicks WR
7. (42) Jordy Nelson WR
8. (43) Pittsburgh DEF
9. (54) John Kasay K
10. (55) Doug Martin RB
11. (66) Ahmad Bradshaw RB
12. (67) Eli Manning QB
13. (78) Jason Witten TE
14. (79) DeSean Jackson WR
15. (90) Dan Carpenter K
16. (91) Arizona DEF

How are your drafts going? Who is your #1 guy off the board? What is your strategy to get a roster like this in a larger league setting?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.