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St. Louis Rams Training Camp Preview: Linebackers

Word.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Word. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It seems like it's been since Roman Phifer and Shane Conlan since the Rams had a linebacking unit that was truly capable; if that seems like a shot at London Fletcher and Mike Jones, it's not. Fletcher and Jones had a better line than the one the Rams amassed in the mid 90's. But let's not get trapped in a argument of historical histrionics.

This year, the Rams have collected seasoned veterans and untested rookies to try to fill the gaps aside James Laurinaitis. Perhaps above any other position, training camp and the preseason will decide the fate of every outside linebacker in house.

After the jump, the position depth chart and some thoughts.

Name OLB/MLB Yr. Ht. Wt.
Aaron Brown OLB R 6'0" 237
Sammy Brown OLB R 6'2" 242
Justin Cole OLB 3 6'3" 242
Jo-Lonn Dunbar OLB 4 6'0" 226
Mario Haggan OLB 10 6'3" 274
Alex Hoffman-Ellis OLB R 6'0" 232
Josh Hull MLB 2 6'3" 245
Noah Keller MLB R 6'1" 245
James Laurinaitis MLB 4 6'2" 250
Rocky McIntosh OLB 6 6'2" 242

- Jebus, Haggan is big. And while I have him listed at outside, given his experience inside in Denver's 3-4, I guess you could put him as a reserve Mike as well.

- Similarly, Josh Hull is likely in the reserve pot for outside work as well. And it's a deep pot.

- There are vets like Haggan, McIntosh and Dunbar; there's a host of new names to the NFL like the Browns and Hoffman-Ellis. I like all three, and it should be interesting to see who the coaches start to get behind as camp progresses.

- Lucky for them, there's nothing established on either side. Sure, you'd think that some mix of Dunbar, McIntosh and Haggan are the likely standard bearers at this time. But training camp has a way of mixing things up.

Who are you tabbing as the starting OLBs by camp's end? How do you see the rookie group panning out? What expectations should the Rams set given the caliber of the line and Laurinaitis?