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Random Ramsdom for July 27th 2012: Camp is open! No Smores Here!


Good Friday Rams Nation! Thankfully for those of us who can't even brush our teeth in the morning without first checking out the latest and greatest of all things Rams; camp is open at the Continuity X Center aka Rams Park and boy howdy am I excited! Unlike camps from previous years, there are actually a lot of expectations for this group of coaches and players. Not since the early 2000's has there been so much buzz around the St. Louis Rams. Soon we will start hearing more about players out doing each other, learning from each other, and coming together as a team. I can't wait!

The Three Year Plan
Over at the B/R featured columnist David Heeb breaks down the reasons why the Rams can be successful and in just three years make it to the Super Bowl. The argument seems to be centered around the youth movement on the team, and comparisons to the 1998-99 squad. It's hard to argue with his article, but I honestly think we are further away than that. Not by much though. We'll see in three years right?

Today at Camp
Our good friends over at St. Louis's own KMOV have some chatter about what happened yesterday over at Earth City. Among the highlights was Brian Quick's athleticism impressing, and Trumaine Johnson hitting the snooze button and missing his plane to the Lou. Here's a suggestion big guy: Invest in a few alarm clocks, maybe a butler, anything, just don't be late to the first day of your new job! I digress. The rookies will be up bright and early at 10:30 this morning before getting some work in with the veterans who will arrive on Saturday. Did I mention I was excited for camp!?

In Case You Missed This
Our very own Ryan Van Bibber put together an excellent compilation of twitter feeds for you to be able to follow all the happenings at camp. If you don't have twitter yet, what are you waiting for? Go. Get on the twitter! Even Betty White is on the twitter. Sheesh!

Click the link for a schedule of events so you can better keep up with your Rams. Or just get on the twitter!

Yo mister! You gotta plane ticket?
Really? In this day and age you can sneak onto a plane and no one finds out until you land? Feeling Safer anyone?

Are You Ready?
I know, the subject is a bit played out at this point, but if you are fan of AMC's the Walking Dead, (who isnt?), and you have a game console I highly recommend this title. Enough gore and carnage to make a real zombie shudder abound on this game. What is this G4?

I'll Run You Through Mister!
Got a bicycle? Got a chainsaw? You do?! Well step right up, you could be the next contestant on, Are You Serious! I'm sorry, but this just has redneck written all over it.

I hope I have wasted a little of your time this lovely Friday morning and at the very least you have smirked a few times while staring at your smart phone. I'll leave you with this little diddy to get you up off the john and on with the rest of your day: