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St. Louis Rams Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

Is it just me, or does Sam wear a big helmet?
Is it just me, or does Sam wear a big helmet?

Today we are continuing our roster preview and it's time to look at the most important position, quarterback. There are 4 guys in camp (Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens, Tom Brandstater and Austin Davis) for what will likely be 3 spots in the end.

A new rule introduced last year does not allow teams to carry a 3rd QB as an emergency position. The previous rule made is so a 3rd QB did not count against the 45 man game day roster, basically giving the team 46 players. The rule change led some teams, such as the Rams, to only carry 2 QBs instead of 3. Unfortunatly for the Rams Sam Bradford and AJ Feeley were injured and this lead to a scramble to find guys to play.

The Rams cannot afford to assume Sam Bradford will stay healthy all year and thus will likely carry 3 QBs. What will the position look like on opening day? Hit the jump.

Starter: Sam Bradford

It's obvious. Sam is the man for this team. Jeff Fisher chose to come to St. Louis largely based on Bradford. He struggled mightily last season, but he should rebound. If Bradford does struggle again like in 2011, the Rams may have to consider moving in a different direction with 4 first round picks in the next 2 years. The Rams are in no way expecting this to happen, but this is a huge year for the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner.

2nd String: Kellen Clemens

The Rams brought in Kellen Clemens off the street last season to make an emergency start. He performed very well given the circumstances. Without any time to learn the offense, Clemens threw for 546 yards, with a completion percentage of 52.6%, two TDs and one INT for an overall QB rating of 73.8. Clemens spent 5 years with the Jets with current Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. He knows the offense well and should be a serviceable backup in 2012.

3rd String: Tom Brandstater vs. Austin Davis

This battle could be rather interesting. On one hand you have Tom Brandstater, a 4th year player who has only attempted two passes in the NFL (both incomplete). On the other, you have Austin Davis, an undrafted rookie who was also drafted by the Boston Red Sox. Davis broke many of Brett Favre's college records at Southern Mississippi.

I don't have much confidence in Brandstater. The Rams chose to bring in Kellen Clemens off the street rather than give Brandstater a start. Austin Davis has a lot more potential though, and the fact that he was drafted by the Red Sox speaks highly of his athleticism. Right now I would give the edge to Davis in camp.