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Random Ramsdom 7/26: The Rams Are Bottomfeeders


Good morning everyone, If you're like me, you're dreading going to work today. It's a horrible feeling waking up to expectations and responsibilities. So just for a few minutes before you head to work, or maybe in your office, here's some links. Don't worry, vets come to camp Sunday, and we will finally have football back. YAY.

NFL.Com Power rankings

Yup, I did say all that stuff, just for you to find out that the Rams were ranked low in the power rankings. I was sure that they just used last seasons records, but the author said that wasn't the case. Hey at least it's in tiers now, right?

Jeff FIsher Videos!!!!! This first video Jeff Fisher is talking about training camp and on the next video Fisher is talking about this years team.

So yeah, I was going to talk about both videos, but the training camp video kept freezing on me. The one where he talks about this years team works for me though. Fisher said it perfectly in this video, the Rams need to learn how to win.

Training Camp Primer: Defense

Over there on the official website Nick Wagoner, is going over offense, special teams, and he just put defense up. Basically, he's going through the defense, listing the players,their position , and more details about players who could take a spot.

Jeff FIsher to the Cardinals?

Today, Jeff Fisher will not only be hosting, but starring in his own celebrity softball. There willbe current Rams like Danny Amendola and former Rams like Torry Holt signing autographs. If you want to go to the game, Jim Thomas from, has that info.

Tickets are $10 for Thursday’s event in Sauget and can be purchased at the Gateway Grizzlies box office or at

Can the rookies bare with the heat?

The temperature will nost likely be in the triple digits during the first three days of training camp. It's a good thing that Fisher only wants them to practice a hour or so on, these three days, oh and no two a days are always a plus.

Family Guy - Brian Horror Movie HD (via JonDaCreeper)