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St. Louis Rams Throwback Jerseys Set For Week 13 Versus The 49ers

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Throwback jerseys. The St. Louis Rams have the best vintage look of any team in the NFL, in my admittedly biased opinion. This season the team is set to wear them again, but this is no ordinary year for throwback jerseys.

In honor of the franchise's 75th anniversary, the Rams will wear the throwback uniforms on Dec. 2 at home against their long-time rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. The team will announce the news in the weeks ahead as part of their promotional schedule.

So why the 49ers? Why now? Hopefully, I do not need to explain the rivalry between these two teams, bad blood that dates way back to the old days in Los Angeles. This will be the first time since the team started wearing throwbacks in 2009 that they have worn them versus another NFC West team, much less their historical rival.

The trick now is to beat the hell out of the 49ers when they come to town that week. San Francisco is the odds on favorite to win the NFC West, but a much improved Rams team with more than enough swagger to throw around could be much more than the usual speed bump.