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Random Ramsdom - 7/24 - NFL.Com takes a look at the Rams receiver battle, Pats going to go 16-0, and Monty Python running the Olympics

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Good lord!

Sweet mother of god!

For the love of the sweet baby jesus!

Today is the day. After all the waiting...all the hoping...the is the start of the Rams NFL Season. The rookies report to training camp today, and start practicing on Wednesday. Saturday the rest of the team comes. We are finally past the point of making up things to talk about, and are about to be at the point where we can overreact to every report from training camp.

Good god, finally, the NFL is here!

Hit the jump for today's links

Rams News

Former Ram Adam Archuleta has been named as a TV analyst for the Pac-12 - This is something Adam has been working on for a while, so I'm glad for him. He doesn't seem like someone who is going to make a good announcer, but that's never stopped a former player from succeeding before.

NFL.Com takes a look at the Rams receiver battle - Although clearly not as good as RVB's preview, a bit of attention from any national media (that isn't talking about the Rams moving) is welcome. Of note, Campbell doesn't even get a mention, despite coming from Schott's system.

BleacherReport takes a shot at which Rams will improve the most this year - Nothing new here, but they are about as optimistic as I have seen about Sam Bradford. Let's hope they nailed it...

NFL News

The ever-dangerous Chris Clemons gets an extension in Seattle - Clemons has been a pain for the Rams since he arrived in the west. Good to see a worthy player get paid, but this certainly isn't good news for the Rams.

Vilma is in court today in his pending lawsuit against the NFL - As despicable as putting bounties on other players is, I'm actually rooting for the players in this situation because of how poorly the NFL has handled this situation. I think I can safely say that this is the last time I'll root for Steve Spagnuolo

Pete Prisco of CBS picks the Pats to go 16-0 - Although I commend Pete for taking on the gargantuan task of trying to pick the result of every NFL game, picking the Pats to once again go 16-0, make it to the super bowl and lose seems much more like a grab for views than an actual educated opinion.

Other News

With today being such a happy and joyous event, I've decided to take the week off from apocalypse news, and present you with something that would improve the world. Dougie M. turned me onto this article about what a Monty Python run Olympics would look like. Event 3, titled "100 Yards for People With No Sense of Direction", is funny enough to get a link even if it stood alone.

Training camp is here folks! Be excited!

As usual, thanks for the read, and have a Ramtastic day!