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Night Shift: All-22, All Night Long


It's late. There are just a few more days to kill until training camp starts. Soon enough, you can click over to Turf Show Times to get a breakdown of the day that was for the St. Louis Rams Just. A. Few. More. Days.

In the spirit of killing time, how about a night shift thread. Talk it up, slap some GIFs on the board, discuss things.

I saw a preview of the new Coaches Film the NFL has forthcoming for the games this year. This is the all-22 footage as well as the high end zone look. I have to say, it looked pretty bad ass. I'm totally going to buy it.

We have the big meetup on August 7. Don't forget the Rams have a scrimmage on August 4 at the Dome.

Lots to look forward to in the weeks ahead. And maybe it will even cool off ... just a little.