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NFL Free Agents: Veteran TE Visanthe Shiancoe Still Looking For Work

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With nine tight ends battling for what figures to be three, maybe four, roster spots, you can say that the position figures heavily into the St. Louis Rams plans this season. The troublesome thing is that all of those tight ends come with major question marks. It leaves one to wonder if the Rams will not eventually seek veteran help at the position.

Hear me out.

And there may be a veteran out there who can help, Vikings free agent Visanthe Shiancoe. He turned 32 in June, so he is limited in just how much team can count on him for a long term solution. More notably, he slowed down last season, catching just 36 passes for 409 yards. However, Minnesota's struggles at quarterback and the presence of Kyle Rudolph did nothing to help his numbers.

The former Viking visited the Patriots last week, and will visit the Eagles tomorrow.

Shiancoe could be a low-risk, low-ceiling veteran to help out at a position where the team is leaning on second-year player Lance Kendricks, who is coming off a disastrous rookie campaign, and the oft-injured Michael Hoomanawanui, who has missed as many games as he has played. Beyond those two, the Rams have a blocker in Matthew Mulligan and a gaggle of undrafted rookies.

Adding Shiancoe to an offense that leans heavily on a tight end might not be a bad move to consider.