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Random Ramsdom, 7/23/12: Chasing Sexy Vampires At The End Of The World

The St. Louis Rams are ready to start training camp. Are you?
The St. Louis Rams are ready to start training camp. Are you?

No football is hard. For the last three months you've subsisted on a diet of True Blood reruns, which you watch only for the stories and not the gratuitous sex and violence. Starting on Saturday you'll be able to have your violence again without all those sexy vampires and swamp things and other miscellany running around putting peanut butter in your chocolate.

The St. Angeles Los Louis Rams start training camp Saturday with the sun positioned about six miles outside the Earth's atmosphere making for a lovely summer as the planet's existence draws to a close. Spend some of your final moments reading ...

Still more training camp previews! - How many times do you need to be reminded that 1) Sam Bradford really needs to get his shit together, 2) those guys that catch the ball need to, you know, catch the ball, and 3) the Rams have a new head coach. The Sporting News reminds you again about what we've been talking about all summer (why is print dying?)

Will they ever learn? Robert Quinn made a huge mistake, as human beings are prone to do, especially twentysomethings when they get around alcohol. Quinn's DUI cuts just a little deeper given the Rams' history with defensive ends drinking and driving. Aaron Hooks explains.

If there's one thing the NFL needs, it's more advertising. Never forget that the NFL is just another billion dollar business, and a mighty profitable one at that. But there's plenty more money out there to be had, and all that unused real estate on player uniforms ...

Better know a running back. Because fantasy football season is here. Fake Teams takes a look at the running backs who also catch passes, something you'll want to keep a very close eye on when the Rams start practicing.

You have questions; he has more questions. Don Banks at looks at 10 questions hanging over the NFL season. Among the more relevant one for the Rams is just how much impact a new head coach will have in Year One.