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St. Louis Rams Offseason Grades: Not What You Expected

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Sports Illustrated graded each NFL team's offseason on Friday. The St. Louis Rams had a big offseason, from hiring a new coach to signing a handful of free agents to wheeling and dealing draft picks. It might have been the most productive stretch in franchise history, at least in the last 10 years.

So what kind of grade did SI give the Rams?


The Rams got a B+ for their efforts. At first, it was getting back the test you though you'd aced ... only to find out you did not. You first inclination is take it up with the grader. Then you start looking at little closer.

Here's the write up from

The Rams earned a B-plus for their draft, and that could be low if Janoris Jenkins plays up to his potential. Not surprisingly, a new coaching staff meant a huge overhaul of the roster. The key additions include CB Cortland Finnegan, DTs Kendall Langford and Trevor Laws, and C Scott Wells. A lot of talent left, too, including Lloyd, Justin Bannan, Ron Bartell and Chris Chamberlain, but this was a necessary restart. Grade: B-plus

I get the part about Jenkins. What made the B+ more acceptable to me upon further reflection are the questions yet to be answered on the offense. Obviously, the Rams could only do so much with so many needs to fill. Nevertheless, with the investment in Sam Bradford, a third season of struggling to find a receiver capable of getting open could really undermine all the work being done. If Brian Quick contributes right away, the grade has to be an A+.