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Learning To Laugh About It All

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I've been running this site since the 2006 season, which is the last time the St. Louis Rams were even remotely close to successful with an 8-8 record. Since then, well, I think you know how things have gone for the Rams. It's been a struggle. It's also taught me an awful lot about perseverance, dedication.

I can't tell you how many times over the years since then I've told people about what I do here only to get the response, "The Rams? Really?"

Yes, really. Jaws really hit floor when I tell them about how successful the site has been over the years.

Anyway, I've developed a thick skin, and more importantly have learned to laugh right along with all the jokes. What else can you do? Cry? No Thanks.

In the spirit of learning to laugh, I thought I would pass along a little joke I ran across on Twitter this morning. It involves the ACC, which is the butt of many jokes in the college football world. To wit:

Not bad, huh? Be sure to follow me @TurfShowTimes.